Amtronix was established in 1971 as R.C.C. Electronics, initially trading from a retail outlet in Brookvale, New South Wales. 

In 1984 it was awarded distributorship of the Amstrad range of personal computers. To relect this change R.C.C. changed its name to Amtronix and established retail outlets in Chatswood in 1974 and Leichhardt in 1976. 

The partnership proved highly successful and Amstrad became one of Australia's top suppliers of computers. For its part, Amtronix earned the ranking of 23rd largest computer hardware retailer in Sydney (source: Business Sydney). 

Amtronix went on to become a founding member of the Advanced Products Technologies consortium which aims to consolidate retailer orders so as to be able to pass on volume discounts to its customers. 

In June of 1998 Amtronix moved away from having a mall based shopfront and consolidated its premises. This change allowed further price reductions for its customers (typically around 10% reduction on manufacturers' recommended retail prices) whilst maintaining its high level of customer support.

Amtronix's philosophy is one of maintaining customer satisfaction, and their success is apparent in over 80 percent of sales being sourced from referals from happy customers. 

Today Amtronix enjoys a strategic partnership with IBM, is an Acer preferred supplier and is also able to provide sales and  service on the following product lines: Pro Micro, Epson, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Brother, Banksia, Creative, Iomega, Kodak, Lotus, Microsoft, Netcomm, Panasonic, Sony, and Xircom.